Ponto Náutico


Llaberia Art & Models started its activities in 1985, when the founder Vicente Llaberia, a Fast Yachts co-worker, sold a ship model to one of the partners of the company.

His passion for boats comes from childhood, when in the 1960’s he built his first boat and some aeroplane models from kits. He studied mechanical engineering in the 1970’s and worked as a professional offshore diver, as a mini submarine operator and technician, for a company sub-contracted by Brazilian oil giant Petrobras.

Since that time, Llaberia has already build and assembled some more than 500 miniatures, among ships, planes and trains; a big part of his work is based on hundreds of original plans and over1500 books about the themes.

In 1997 Ponto Náutico expanded its activities to the antiques branch following many customers needs.

Today, Ponto Náutico Antiques and Models owned by Vicente Llaberia, located in a wooden floor house at Vila Nova Conceição, the ground floor is a complete antiquarian with furniture, old instruments, nautical and maritime decoration pieces in general, and on the first floor Vicente Llaberia and his team continue to create precision projects or simply decorative crafts.

R. Dr. Alceu de Campos Rodrigues, 332 | CEP 04544-000 | São Paulo, SP, Brasil | Fone 55 11 3045 5947 | Fax 55 11 3045 2062