Ponto Náutico Antiquarium is a shop specializing in ancient scientific instruments, nautical pieces in general and rare and curious objects. Our collection is constantly being renovated. With each visit to the store, you will be surprised by something new.


Here at Ponto Náutico all this work is taken very seriously.
The models are built from original plants from various eras and provenances.
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Our Services

In addition to the commercialization of antiques and the making of models,
we make available our knowledge and skills in these areas and offer the following services:


Purchase and consignment of nautical, railway, aeronautical, English furniture and instruments.


Restoration in mock-ups, furniture, old instruments, damaged or altered brass or copper parts.


Consultancy in decoration and nautical, railway, aeronautical projects, English furniture.


Evaluation and search of pieces by commission, Furniture, works of art, lamps, clocks, collectibles.

About us

A Llaberia Art & Models began its activities in 1985, when its founder Vicente Llaberia, at the time collaborator in Fast Yachts, sold to one of the partners of the group a ship mockup. His passion for boats comes from childhood, when already in the 1960s he set up his first kits of ships and airplanes.

He studied mechanical engineering in the 70's and worked professionally in offshore dives, as a mini-submarine operator and technician, for a Petrobras contractor.

Since its foundation, Llaberia has built more than 500 miniatures, including ships, planes and trains; much of this work is based on the collection of hundreds of original plants and over 1500 books on the subjects. In 1997, Llaberia expanded its activities in the field of antiquary, meeting the requests of many clients.

Today, with the name of Ponto Náutico Antiguidades e Maquetes, located in Vila Nova Conceição/Brazil, on the ground floor there is the antique shop with furniture, antique instruments, nautical pieces and decoration in general; and, upstairs, Llaberia continues to create precision or simply decorative designs.


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